The Last Dark Place

van Stuart M. Kaminsky

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Handcuffed to a dead man, Lieberman vows to take on the Chicago mob Thirty-three years ago, Connie Gower decided to raise hell in a synagogue. Drunk, armed, and out for revenge, he came to hunt down Abe Lieberman, a young cop he believed had killed his brother in a shoot-out. Lieberman takes him down, unafraid to return fire. Since then, Gower has had few run-ins with the law, even as he made a name for himself as one of the Chicago mob’s most feared contract killers. When he finally gets nailed in Yuma, where he’s fled to avoid a murder charge, the Chicago police send Lieberman to bring him home. Handcuffed to each other, they are about to board the plane when a geriatric airport janitor shuffles towards them, puts on his glasses, and shoots the hitman dead. Though stooped, thin, and old, inside Lieberman is still the young firebrand who wasn’t afraid to draw his gun to protect his family and synagogue. The men who had Connie Gower killed have interfered with justice, and Lieberman will do anything to make them pay.

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