Carniepunk: A Chance in Hell

van Jackie Kessler
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Jackie Kessler brings her “fluid prose and dark humor” ( Kirkus Reviews ) to the Carniepunk anthology with this very sexy urban fantasy short story you won’t want to miss. The former succubus Jezebel has to prepare herself to battle the King of Hell…tomorrow. Tonight, she’s taking a break. With her friend Ceci Baker (a.k.a the one-time stripper Candy), she visits a traveling carnival on the outskirts of a small town in upstate New York, only to discover that the barker is a demon of Greed, and getting marked means way more than playing a rigged game. That’s okay; Jezebel’s been known to gamble before—and there’s nothing like blood, sweat, and leers to bring out the demon in her.

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