The Wonder of Children

van Michael Gurian
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With The Wonder of Girls and The Wonder of Boys, bestselling author Michael Gurian presented his groundbreaking views on parenting. Now, with the same breadth of vision and depth of commitment, he puts forth a practical design for better nurturing the souls of our sons and daughters. The Wonder of Children offers Michael Gurian's scientifically argued steps toward better care of our children's souls. You'll learn how and why to: • Increase bonding and attachment in the family and bring the extended family back into the raising of children. • Control a child's media use and expand time spent in the natural world. • Guard against damaging brain stressors that can trigger disorders such as depression and substance abuse. • Examine the potential toxicity of a child's daily schedule. • Increase the time children spend in spiritual process, understanding the mysteries of life, and experiencing joy and a sense of belonging. A passionate and practical guide, The Wonder of Children puts forth a finely wrought argument for greater attention to the spiritual side of childhood.

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