The Titanic Secret

van Jack Steel
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It was not the iceberg that sank the Titanicand condemned 1,517 innocent people to death. On Sunday 15 April 1912, the 'unsinkable' RMS Titanicsank on her maiden voyage to New York. This is the story of what really happened on that night - a truth that governments have killed for and kept hidden for a hundred years. For, on board the Titanicwere three men - the richest in America - who, with the US president as a pawn in their scheme, were about to announce a new military alliance between the USA and Germany. Their goal - war with Great Britain and the destruction of the British Empire. British intelligence is determined to stop them, and dispatches their best spy, Alex Tremayne, and his American colleague Maria Weston onto the Titanicwith one objective in mind - to stop the Americans from reaching New York by whatever means necessary.

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