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A. A. Gill is one of the most feared writers in London, noted--according to the New York Times --for his rapier wit. Some even consider the mere assignment of a subject to Gill a hostile act. But when the notice AA GILL IS AWAY runs in the Sunday Times of London, the city can rest peacefully in the knowledge that the writer is off traveling. My editor asked me what I wanted from journalism and I said the first thing that came into my head--I'd like to interview places. To treat a place as if it were a person, to go and listen to it, ask it questions, observe it the way you would interview a politician or a pop star, Gill writes. Upon his return, readers are treated to an account of his vacations to places like famine-stricken Sudan, the pornography studios of California's San Fernando Valley, the dying Aral Sea or the seedy parts of Kaliningrad. The result is one of the most fascinating, stylish and irreverent collections of travel writing.

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