The Book of the Wind

van Carrie Asai
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When I was six months old, I dropped from the sky -- the lone survivor of a deadly Japanese plane crash. The newspapers named me Heaven. I was adopted by a wealthy family in Tokyo, pampered, and protected. For nineteen years, I thought I was lucky. I'm learning how wrong I was. I'VE LOST EVERYTHING. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR ME, BUT THE PERSON I LOVE WON'T BE IN IT. IT'S TIME TO START OVER. LAS VEGAS IS A TOWN FOR GAMBLERS AND COWBOYS. ONE GAMBLER HAS FOUND ME -- -AND HE WANTS TO RISK IT ALL. BUT MY HEART ISN'T IN THE GAME. I ONLY HAVE ONE GOAL NOW: TO STAY ALIVE. I AM SAMURAI GIRL.

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Simon Pulse
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