Slaves Unchained

van Susan Wright
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Years ago, Rose Rico learned firsthand that Earth's government was secretly exporting hundreds of human beings into bondage, in exchange for advanced alien technology from the Alphas. Forced to wear the collar of a pleasure slave, Rose and her fellow abductees were condemned to a lifetime of satisfying the Alphas' carnal lusts. But not even her sadistic masters could extinguish Rose's passion to regain her freedom. Escaping her oppressors and leading a crew of escaped slaves in a hijacked Fleet patrolship, she has returned to Earth, intent on breaking the Alphas' stranglehold on her world. Her only chance for success lies in overthrowing Earth's corrupt leaders and publicly exposing their ongoing clandestine pact with the aliens. But to do so, Rose and her renegade crew must first distinguish friend from foe among those closest to them, all while fending off the advances of a reinforced Alpha Fleet, which will accept nothing less than the return of their nubile property...and Earth's total subjugation! SLAVES UNCHAINED IS THE ROUSING CLIMAX TO THE SLAVE TRADE TRILOGY, A SCIENCE-FICTION SAGA OF SLAVERY, SUBMISSIVENESS, AND INSURGENCE!

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