The Silent Tide

van Rachel Hore
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From the bestselling author of A Week in Paris, a Good HousekeepingReader Recommends novel. 'Gloriously absorbing and beautifully written … her best novel yet' Cathy Kelly London, the present day:Emily Gordon has found her dream job, as an editor at a small publishing house. When the biography of a late great English novelist crosses her desk, she discovers, buried beneath the history, a story that simply has to be told… London, 1948:Isabel Barber has barely arrived in the city when a chance meeting leads to a job offer, and a fascinating career beckons. But as she develops a close working relationship with a charismatic young debut novelist the professional soon becomes personal, and she finds herself fighting for her very survival… A compelling and engrossing story of hidden lives and secret pasts from the bestselling author of A Place of Secretsand A Gathering Storm. 'A terrific story, with powerful, truthful emotions' Elizabeth Buchan 'Brings post-war London wonderfully alive. I loved it' Daisy Waugh

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