3 April, update: As you may have figured out, this was in fact our april fools and we do not have dialect service on our audio books (yet, at least) - hope you enjoyed it :-)


Copenhagen, 1 April 2015

Last month the popular all-you-can-read ebook service out of Scandinavia, Mofibo, added audiobooks to their service. And now Mofibo can reveal the fruits of a year-long collaboration with various universities in Denmark, Estonia, Israel and Mumbai.

As of May, Mofibo users will be able to listen to their audiobooks in the local accent of the region they are currently in. Mofibo and the universities have co-developed technology to adapt the service’s sound files according to where they are listening based on geo-location technology and a voice adaption codec which they affectionately call "geo-vocalation” technology. For example, a Danish listener in Sønderjylland and Bornholm would automatically hear the books read in the appropriate accent, and similarly for Sweden in the likes of Skånsk or Finlandssvenska. And if you are listening to an audiobook while travelling across the country the audio will adapt real time to the local accents.

Audio expert and associate professor of Mumbai University, Dr. Gobdyl Ranslirpa said, “We’re extremely proud to finally be able to unveil the groundbreaking new technology together with Mofibo in Scandinavia and we believe it could be spread across the rest of the world in the coming years. It’s been in development for the best part of two years, ever since Mofibo was first launched, and has been a closely guarded secret. Our early research showed beyond all doubt that people will listen to more audiobooks if in the accent they hear daily.”

The new audio technology is set to go live on the service in May for both Danish and Swedish users.