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UnLucky in Love

Forfatter: Cary Hart Oplæser: Carly Robins, Aiden Snow Lydbog

"Getting lucky" is a phrase I could barely say without blushing. Yep! I'm that girl. The one my friends call goody two shoes …

But good girls don't finish first. They get dumped. Even after investing-no, wasting-six years of their life on the guy who was supposed to be the one. So, I traded in my halo for a pair of horns! Hello, world … Clover Kelly is single and ready to mingle!

Then it happened: I suddenly found myself starring in the dating game to beat all dating games.

While pouring out my heart to my best friend, my new quest for lust is accidentally broadcast live … on the radio. Yay, me! Did I mention my best friend is an uber famous radio personality … and a guy? A really hot guy? Yeah, his face isn't plastered all over town simply for his name.

When the requests to win my heart came pouring in and became date after horribly bad date, I couldn't help but wonder … Could he? Could we? I mean, I'm already breaking all the rules.

What's a girl gotta do to get lucky?

Contains mature themes.

© 2019 Tantor Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781541436343

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