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Real Japanese Part 2

Forfatter: Max Whittle Oplæser: Max Whittle Lydbog

In contrast to formal Japanese text books, Real Japanese is an easy-to-read collection of short stories about Japan, blended with useful phrases and language learning tips.
If you are a casual learner or planning on travelling to Japan for a trip, this book will help you break down the language and culture into the real and everyday essentials.
This audio book gives an opportunity to hear all the phrases read by a native Japanese speaker, and provides pauses for you to repeat them yourself.
Use this guide to build your understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture while picking up usable key phrases that will open doors and so deepen your experience of Japan. The author’s stories bring Japan and its culture to life, providing insights which allow the reader to understand the sometimes bewildering and impenetrable ways of Japanese culture.

© 2018 Author's Republic (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781982707088

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