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From the neck up

Forfatter: Peter Cheyney E-bog

“Say, Mr. Caution, don’t ya think I got swell legs? I just asked that big punk Gettzler for a raise an’ he says I’m goin’ bowlegged. I reckon he’s a lousy liar. What do you think?”

Sadie has got the swellest legs in Chicago, an’ when she does her act at the theatre, hard-boiled guys rush off home just outa sheer nervous energy. She has also got sex appeal plus, but no brains. From the neck up she is as dead as a piece of frozen Eskimo.

* * *

This is a classic short story featuring Peter Cheyney’s popular detective Lemmy Caution. E-book from PulpVox. se

© 2021 Yabot (E-bog) ISBN: 9789180203197