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Doctors Get Cancer Too: A Doctor's Diary of Life and Recovery From Cancer

Forfatter: Philippa Kaye E-bog

“It’s cancer.”

Dr Philippa Kaye was 39 years old when she heard those dreaded words. The diagnosis of bowel cancer would change her life and mean crossing the divide from being a doctor to being a patient. She soon discovered that her years of training and experience had not prepared her for the realities of actually living with cancer.

‘Doctors Get Cancer Too’ tells Dr Kaye’s moving story of being on both sides of the desk, and shares the insights she gained not only through the diagnosis and treatment but in surviving and thriving through cancer and beyond. Filled with practical advice, this book aims to make patients and their loved ones feel better understood, more prepared and less alone, and to provide solace for anyone navigating their way through hard times.

© 2021 Vie (E-bog) ISBN: 9781800070721

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