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Bedtime Stories For Kids Collection: Magicians, Dinosaurs, Aliens, Dragons & More!

Forfatter: Jessica Flowers Oplæser: Kathryn Vinclaire Lydbog

It’s Time To Snuggle Up With Your Child Every Single Night As They Drift Off To Sleep With This Deeply Relaxing 10 Hour Collection Of Bedtime Stories!

Does your child struggle falling asleep at night? Do they have difficulty relaxing in our tech fueled world? Do you want to enhance your Child’s creativity, improve their vocabulary and develop their mindfulness?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are In the right place…

In "Bedtime Stories For Kids Collection" you’ll discover wildly interesting stories & memorable characters that will help teach your Child crucial life lessons as the deeply relaxing story allows them to drift off into a healing sleep.

Not only that, but every story will help express your Child’s imagination and express their untapped creativity in all areas of their life, all while you spend quality bonding time with your Child!

It is the BEST way to deepen your bond with your child & Studies have repeatedly shown improved Logic skills, reading abilities, vocabulary range & even reduced stress levels for Children who listen to Bedtime Stories on a regular basis.

So, not only are you spending quality time together, but you are helping to accelerate your Child’s essential development in SO MANY areas!

Even if your child currently wakes up 10 times a night, takes hours upon hours to even calm down enough for sleep & you’ve never ever read a Bedtime Story to them before, this collection of 10 hours worth of Bedtime Stories is IDEAL for helping your child get the deeply sleep they need EVERY night.

So, If You Want Over 10 Hours’ Worth Of Bedtime Stories To Help Your Child Fall Asleep Fast Every Single Night & Rapidly Accelerate Their Development Then Scroll Up And Click “Add To Cart."

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