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Automatic Fluency® Beginning Italian Verbs Level I

Forfatter: Mark Frobose Oplæser: Mark Frobose Lydbog

Automatic Fluency® Beginning Italian Verbs is a cutting-edge, fast and easy-to-learn five-hour audio program that teaches authentic Italian verbs the way they’re really spoken in native context. A variety of teaching approaches are employed to encourage the learner to speak. A trained English speaking American instructor guides the listener through the program in English while a trained and educated native Italian speaker teaches beginning to high-intermediate Italian verbs the way they are really spoken in the Italian-speaking world today. Emphasis is given to original sentence creation, effective communication for the most common language situations, and integration of high-frequency Italian verbs along with the appropriate vocabulary that is immediately useful in using the verbs like the native Italians do.

© 2020 Language Audiobooks (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781618161031

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