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A Woman's Guide to Tantra Yoga

Forfatter: Vimala McClure E-bog

Often mistaken as solely the "yoga of sex, " Tantra Yoga is more accurately described as the "yoga of everything," in which the spirit is united with every aspect of life. This book offers step-by-step instructions and illustrations to explain the practice and philosophy of Tantra Yoga — adapted to the specific physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns of women. The author explains different methods of meditation and mantras, breathing and relaxation, yoga positions, visualization, and affirmations — demonstrating how a daily routine of meditation and yoga can bring focus and strength both physically and spiritually. More than a guide to fitness, A Woman's Guide to Tantra Yoga brilliantly adapts one of the most venerable Eastern practices to the demands of modern life.

© 2012 New World Library (E-bog) ISBN: 9781577312765

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