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0.0 0 5 Forfatter: Ferdinand Jives Oplæser: Alasdair Cunningham, Zach Loving
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The 2 books contained in this audiobook are:

Plato - Hear about the man on which a great portion of Western philosophy itself is based.

He founded one of the first organized academies in Western civilization. His standings on life and perceptions have been quoted and referred to worldwide for centuries, as well as his main student, Aristotle. He wrote about metaphysics, epistemology, and education.

Learn about the basics of Plato by hearing about:

-His life, death, and background.Dialogues, works, and theories.
-The most essential concepts Plato has brought across to the general population.
-Plato’s views on political philosophy and democracy.
-Some of the best-known quotes by Plato.
-Perspectives on moral ethics. And much more!

Stoicism - Stoicism focuses on using reason to understand the laws of nature and to bridle passions and overcome weaknesses, addictions, and tendencies that make us dependent on the world around us. In that way, Stoicism helps us achieve higher levels of success, emotional control, and a love for everything we encounter. Stoicism is a great philosophy that can benefit everyone, especially those who apply the key takeaways to their daily lives. In this audiobook, you’ll learn:

-Why logic without any emotion lies at the root of this philosophy
-How Stoicism can help with traumas and chronic conditions
-The difference between Stoicism and other philosophies from ancient Greece
-Stoic quotes and thoughts
-The confusion around Stoicism, and Marcus Aurelius, the emperor of Rome
-What the school of Epicureans teaches

And much more!
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: A to Z Publishing
Udgivet: 2019-09-20
Længde: 2T 21M
ISBN: 9781987194654

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