Trump Rhymes-Surviving Trump Times - Robbyn Ackner,Richard Ackner

Trump Rhymes-Surviving Trump Times

Trump Rhymes-Surviving Trump Times

2.71 7 5 Forfatter: Robbyn Ackner,Richard Ackner Oplæser: Robbyn Ackner
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A humorous and thought provoking take on the crazy events that occurred during the 2016 election season and right up through the inauguration, centering around that whirlwind of narcissistic sociopath himself, Donald Trump. 25 Poems about Trump, his rogues gallery of supporters and opponents, as well the media chronicling it. If you feel ready to burst into tears at any moment, this book will offer a short respite of laughter before you go back to contemplating doomsday. We will answer many questions, most of which you never considered asking . What do Trump and Dorian Gray have in common? (Hint; it's not upper class British manners) What's worse than a week with Ted Cruz? Which Fox News personality do the authors hate the most? (There may be no wrong answer), Who is scared of Mike Pence? Raise your hand Why would Morning Joe be better without Joe? Who do you think best fits the description of a 'cornpone Giuliani'? Will the authors end up in Gitmo? Will we receive a thank you note from Jimmy Fallon? Alternative Facts are Just Other Words for Nothing Left to Truth Midnight in Gotham Four Surrogates of the Apocalypse Now The Popular Vote Still Gets His Goat Thanks Obama A Street Car Named Lindsey Fox and Friends-Breakfast with Morons Late Night Christmas in June Birther Redux A Week with Ted Cruz Der Furor Thumb on the Scale Fox News-Unfair and I'm Becoming Balanced The Portrait of Reverse Dorian Gray Landslide?-Takes Big Rocks to Suggest That Morning Joe with No Joe 21st Century Man-churian Candidate Mitt Romney's Back and There is Going to be Trouble (Not Really) We Get Our Comeup Pence Put Out the Good China Ctrl Alt Right Delete Truth Trump (Credit to the Daily Show) A Nightmare From a Trump at the Helm Tweet Repeal and Replace and Your Next Visit is Never The Walking Dread
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Fakta Oversætter:

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Forlag: Authors Republic
Udgivet: 2017-02-01
Længde: 44M
ISBN: 9781518945021

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