The Art of Happiness - Peace & Purpose - Craig Beck

The Art of Happiness - Peace & Purpose

The Art of Happiness - Peace & Purpose

4.6 5 5 Forfatter: Craig Beck Oplæser: Craig Beck
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Manifesting Magic is a seven-part course designed to positively reshape and realign the direction of your life. We started this journey, somewhat predictably with money and wealth attainment. Certainly not because the accumulation of money can ever hope be our x highest achievement. But rather because wanting more wealth is more often than not the natural starting point for most people who are seeking 'something better'. If you started this journey with a similar mindset, I want you to be reassured that this doesn't make you greedy, predictable or any other negative label you care to name. It is natural for us to witness other people 'appearing' to have a better time of it than us and join the dotted lines to come to the conclusion that it is our financial handicap that creates such struggle in life. This is an erroneous assumption, but I am sure you can understand why I could not start the series with this message. If you have already read part one and part two then I am going to make a leap of faith that something about my message is resonating with you. In part three of this life-changing course I believe you are ready for the more advanced knowledge and secrets of the principles behind Manifesting Magic. In this book we really start to craft the life you always dreamed of. Everything you have manifested to date is going to pale into insignificance with the knowledge you are about to receive. Your every interaction with all those who surround you is about to change for the better. Personal, professional and even family relationships are about to go through a dramatic paradigm shift. What happens next will blow your mind.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Personlig udvikling Serie: Manifesting Magic: 3 Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Authors Republic
Udgivet: 2016-03-13
Længde: 1T 15M
ISBN: 9781518918407

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