How to Talk to God - Craig Beck

How to Talk to God

How to Talk to God

4,7 10 5 Forfatter: Craig Beck Oplæser: Craig Beck
Comic ordering is not a new concept; it predates all religions just as all our other unbreakable laws of life did. Recently the concepts of Rhonda Byrne's 'The Secret', 'manifesting' and 'the law of attraction' have entered the mainstream lexicon but really they are just trendy new labels for something that man has been doing since the dawn of creation, wishing and praying for a better life. Manifesting is just the same as praying but with certainty. Perhaps we wouldn't even need books like this one if traditional religion hadn't painted the image of God as the bearded angry guy who sits on a throne passing judgment on us sinful mortals. As a species, we seem to have got terribly mixed up about praying. More often than not we drop to our knees and ask God for help only in our darkest moments. All we end up doing is attracting more of the stuff we desperately want to move away from In this penultimate book in the Manifesting Magic series Craig Beck reveals the truth about why your prayers seem to so often go unanswered and how you use the power of divinity within you to ask, believe and receive the life of your dreams. Discover * Just how powerful you really are * How to disconnect from negative thoughts * How to hear the wisdom of your soul * Understanding the power of gratitude * How to talk to God and create your own dream life
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Forlag: Authors Republic
Udgivet: 2016-04-26
Længde: 52M
ISBN: 9781518925153

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