55 Daily People Skills: 55 Ways You Will Be a Better People Person, Starting Today - Dre Baldwin

55 Daily People Skills: 55 Ways You Will Be a Better People Person, Starting Today

55 Daily People Skills: 55 Ways You Will Be a Better People Person, Starting Today

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It's happened to me, too. A lack of connections has cost me opportunities. Knowing the right people — who knew and liked me — has helped me many times as well. It seems random, but what if we could get some control over these occurrences? What if you could develop and strategically use skills for connecting with people? What if you could then leverage those connections to advance your interests while helping others?

This isn't "too good to be true". People are doing it every single day. With this book, you're next. Everything you do will involve people. In sports, you have teammates, opponents, and coaches. Businesses have co-workers, customers, prospects, suppliers, employees, and bosses. Relationships don't even exist without at least two people involved. Making money, winning awards, getting jobs, getting known...all require people to be involved.

All this said, your people skills must constantly improve. Expanding your ability to deal with people will always help you. Here, you'll learn 55 people skills that need to become part of your communication arsenal starting now. Some, you may have been taught before. Some will be completely new to you. Some you may know about, but have forgotten to remember to use. Let this be your reminder. Avoid the mistake of thinking you "already know" anything within this book, because knowing it is your problem! If you were doing it instead of just knowing it, you'd be getting better results with people, and in turn increased success in every area of your life.

This audiobook will infuse you with 55, everyday people skills. How soon can you start? How soon will you see results? The next time you communicate with a person! Remember: Communication is much more than just talking. Listen on and learn. Then do something with what you know.
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Forlag: Work On Your Game Inc.
Udgivet: 2016-10-28
Længde: 1T 28M
ISBN: 9781987175837

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