Living Beyond Burnout - Lisa Murray

Living Beyond Burnout

Living Beyond Burnout

3.0 1 5 Forfatter: Lisa Murray Oplæser: Lisa Murray
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LIVING BEYOND BURNOUT is a book for everyone who knows it is time for different ways of living and working. Whether you are a leader with an exhausted team-member or you are personally in the midst of burnout, this book invites you to discover the gifts that burnout offers. If you have ever had a breakdown, feel like you are ‘just holding it together’, have lost your mojo, or are looking at your life and saying ‘there must be something better than this!’ this book is for you. Living Beyond Burnout offers a system for preventing burnout and an invitation to transform fatigue and exhaustion by changing the underlying causes, as well as treating the symptoms that stop you from enjoying your life in all its magic and magnificence. BIO :: LISA MURRAYAfter three rounds of burnout, Lisa Murray discovered a new way to prevent the chronic exhaustion that comes from over-work, overwhelm and being over-stimulated. Lisa is also the author of Stop Waiting, Start Creating (2016) and works with leaders, creatives and change-makers to create new possibilities for living an energised life. She leads adventures, retreats and online programs which offer deep, creative transformations.
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Forlag: Enriched Enterprises P/L
Udgivet: 2019-06-16
Længde: 4T 28M
ISBN: 9780994243348

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