Think Your Way to Wealth Action Plan - Napoleon Hill,Mitch Horowitz

Think Your Way to Wealth Action Plan

Think Your Way to Wealth Action Plan

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THE SECRETS REVEALED! This 10-part lesson plan unlocks the most actionable and powerful steps of Napoleon Hill’s Think Your Way to Wealth dialogue in a way that you can begin applying right now. Based on the legendary meeting between Hill and industrialist Andrew Carnegie, Mitch Horowitz’s Think Your Way to Wealth Action Plan provides clear instructions on how to maximize the giants’ insights to build the life you want. Mitch supplies new historical insights into Hill and Carnegie’s original encounter. He walks you through their core points in a way that distills hours of reading and listening into one clear, compelling 10-point pro gram. He provides practical insights into the success pioneers’ most daring ideas, including Sex Transmutation and Cosmic Habit Force. The Think Your Way to Wealth Action Plan is a full-circle journey into the outer and inner dimensions of Hill’s program. “Hill’s widely adopted success principles rest on a foundation of radical metaphysical ideals. This fact resounds in Think Your Way to Wealth , which recounts Hill’s surprisingly mystical dialogue with industrialist Andrew Carnegie.” —Mitch Horowitz,
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Forlag: G&D Media
Udgivet: 2019-05-16
ISBN: 9781722523190

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