The Mindset of Top Salespeople - Brian Tracy

The Mindset of Top Salespeople

The Mindset of Top Salespeople

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Selling is both an art and science that can be learned by study and practice.
Most salespeople who are not successful have never been properly trained in the underlying motivations that cause people to act and react to commercial messages and sales proposals. The more you know about how and why people do the things they do, the faster and easier it will be for you to turn prospects into customers.

Successful salespeople are far better at building and maintaining high-quality relationships with their prospects and customers than average salespeople. People decide emotionally and then justify logically. How the customer feels about you as a person will have more of an influence on what the customer decides than any other factor. It is imperative that you develop and exercise your “personality” muscles so that you become a nicer, more positive and more likable person in everything you do.

Why is it that people buy or refuse to buy? No matter what you are selling, customers will have concerns that you must resolve before you can proceed to a sale. Your ability to handle these questions is a key skill that is essential to your sales success.

More than 100 years of research and countless millions of dollars have been invested
in seeking the causes for success and failure in selling. Let Brian Tracy teach you:

• The key success principle in selling
• The Law of Indirect Effort
• The most powerful buying influence
• The use of authority in selling
• The “Feel, Felt, Found” Method of dealing with objections
• How to get past the gatekeeper
• Getting action and closing the sale
• The Pareto Principle in modern selling
• The key question for time management in selling
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Forlag: Gildan Media
Udgivet: 2015-08-01
Længde: 3T 7M
ISBN: 9781469033198

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