Scotland in the 70s - Ronnie McDevitt

Scotland in the 70s

Scotland in the 70s

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The 1970s saw a change in the fortunes of the Scottish national side. After a gap of 16 years World Cup qualification was achieved for the finals in West Germany in 1974. Credited as the only undefeated side at the tournament, the sobering trip to Argentina four years later prompted more realistic future expectations. In a decade in which the SFA celebrated its centenary, the scandal of the Copenhagen Five and a breakdown in relations between the press and players were significant events - while, on the park, players of the calibre of Dalglish, Hartford, Jordan, Souness and McQueen replaced the old guard. Scotland in the 70s looks beyond the decade's 89 matches, examining the role of the managers - Brown, Docherty, Ormond, MacLeod, Stein - and the circumstances surrounding the many memorable games. While one chapter charts some of the incredible journeys fans made to reach the 1978 World Cup Finals in Argentina, along with the euphoric build up to that tournament. Extensive newspaper and video archive research is complemented by the personal memories of star contributors including Bobby Brown, Archie MacPherson, Asa Hartford, Eddie Gray, Willie Morgan, Willie Johnston, Lou Macari, Bobby Clark, Jimmy Bone and John Blackley.
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Forlag: Pitch Publishing
Udgivet: 2019-02-02
ISBN: 9781785315114

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