Breathing & Relaxation: Golf Tips - Dorothee Haering

Breathing & Relaxation: Golf Tips

Breathing & Relaxation: Golf Tips

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Anti-Stress Program & Power for Your Swing Have you ever paid attention to your breathing when taking a shot? If you now say "just whatever" then you are not alone. On the range, fades, hooks and draws are taught in preference to breathing techniques. Only a minority of golfers pay attention to their breathing - what a pity! Breath is pure energy, it adds power to your swing and is the anti-stress tool for the round! And one thing is also certain: Everyone who wants to achieve something in golf should master at least one relaxation technique in order to be able to calm themselves within the space of a few seconds. It goes without saying that tour pros work on their relaxation techniques with same seriousness as they do on the 40-yard pitch shots. * Breathing: Power for Your Swing * High-Energy Breathing: Anti-Stress Program * Breathing Technique * Pure Relaxation * The Art of Relaxing Muscles * Yoga to Go * Golf Mantra * Balance through Centering * Energy Kick * Diversion Permitted * Rest-Less * Body Language of the Champions Written in collaboration with the PGA and mental trainer Justin Walsh, this book is a treasure trove for golfers of all levels of performance. With a fresh new perspective, practical step-by-step instructions and with numerous photographs, this book reflects Dorothee Haering's great passion for golf and also her serious search for pithy answers and approaches to solutions for the mental game. Move your Game!
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Forlag: move your game
Udgivet: 2012-12-01
ISBN: 9783000404207

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