Beyond the Self: Healing Emotional Trauma and Brainspotting - Mario C. Salvador

Beyond the Self: Healing Emotional Trauma and Brainspotting

Beyond the Self: Healing Emotional Trauma and Brainspotting

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In this book Mario C. Salvador intends to illustrate the long journey that takes us from our essentially kind and pure nature to build our egoic identity related to the experiences we live, the environments in which we develop and educate ourselves and the influences to which we are subjected throughout the period of our lives. He exposes how we are giving shape to our ideas of the self in order to, in the best of cases, return to become reacquainted with our core Self, or the essence of our identity; that which calls out from deep within each one of us to be released, to find our own individual meaning of life. Throughout the book the author explains both, the process of constructing the ideas of the self and the way to heal the wounds attached to our sense of self, to clarify the vision of our genuine identity accurately and more intrinsically, and to reach a core self. From this point, we can manage our existence and see our experiences as the water that reflects our essential nature, and also employ the device of the self as a useful tool to direct our lives. For Mario, healing our pain and overcoming our difficulties is the way to recognize the compassionate nature that belongs to us as humans, so we can awake to a more vital and peaceful perception of life.
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Forlag: Eleftheria
Udgivet: 2019-05-16
ISBN: 9788412014341

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