Biggles of the Camel Squadron - Capt. WE Johns

Biggles of the Camel Squadron

Biggles of the Camel Squadron

3.0 7 5 Forfatter: Capt. WE Johns Oplæser: Chirag Patel
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Join the intrepid Captain Biggles, hero of the Royal Flying Corps, as he fights on the front line of World War I. The stories in this volume covers ambushes, disaster, mysteries and more than a few ridiculous stunts, all based on real-life events in the life of WE Johns. Fun for adventurers of all ages. This book was the first mainstream outing for a classic British hero. Wry, brave, and with more than a little taste of absurdity and heroism, Come join Biggles, Algy and the Professor in a bygone era, when being British meant that even one’s enemies were to be treated with honour and nobility. In this volume, Biggles, Algy, and the other pilots are at the front lines, towards the end of the war. Come along as they fly dangerous missions against zeppelins, airbases and fortified positions, hunt a dragon, get shot down and escape captivity, and much, much more. Includes: The Professor The Joy Ride The Bridge Party The Bottle Party The Trap The Funk The Professor Comes Back The Great Arena The Dragon's Lair Biggles's Day Off Scotland For Ever!
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Børnebøger Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-05-09
Længde: 5T 39M
ISBN: 9781982750039

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