The Complete Four Just Men - Edgar Wallace

The Complete Four Just Men

The Complete Four Just Men

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‘We shall have no other course to pursue but to fulfil

our promise. You will die at Eight in the Evening – The Four Just Men’

Criminals and malefactors beware! There is no escape from

the sword of justice wielded by The Four Just Men. Here are the complete adventures

of Edgar Wallace’s daring and ingenious vigilantes. This fascinating bumper collection

contains all six volumes of the Just Men saga: The Four Just Men, The

Council of Justice, The Just Men of Cordova, The Law of The Four Just

Men, The Three Just Men and Again the Three.

In these thrilling yarns of daring do, mystery and

international intrigue, the Just Men tackle wrongdoers of all kinds from criminal

masterminds and desperate anarchists to cunning murderers and obsessive madmen.

Where Scotland Yard fails – they succeed. With a finely blended mixture of

suspense, humour and action Edgar Wallace concocts a fantastic and unmissable series

of page-turning adventures.
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Forlag: Wordsworth Editions
Udgivet: 2012-09-01
ISBN: 9781848703094

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