Can You Think Your Way to Success? - Ryland Brooks

Can You Think Your Way to Success?

Can You Think Your Way to Success?

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Can you think your way to success? Is the power of the mind enough to realize your success goals? Can intense and continuous focus your alone achieve your goals? Or are their other factors in the success equation you must consider? The short, and honest answers to these questions are: Yes. And yes. Yes, you CAN think your way to success. IF you say Yes to including the other factors in the success equation. While Success Thoughts are truly the first essential in Thinking your way to Success, they must also be focused thoughts. And they must be combined with discipline, determination, perseverance, an escalating ladder of goals, and as much of the magic ingredient of luck that touches you. But, please Note - This is the opposite of "waiting" for a "lucky Break." The old saying: "You make your own luck" is not literally true. But, it's close. Bottom Line: Success never materializes from a bolt of inspirational lightning. That inspiration must be tied to the other real World factors in the success equation. And in this book, renowned Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Ryland Brooks gives you the roadmap you must have - to Think Your Way to Success.
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Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-04-09
Længde: 2T 2M
ISBN: 9781982747343

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