Empires of Sand - David W. Ball

Empires of Sand

Empires of Sand

5.0 1 5 Forfatter: David W. Ball
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The year is 1870. Paris is under siege, and two boys, best friends and cousins, are swept from their life of privilege. A brutal murder forces Michel deVries – or Moussa – to flee to his mother’s homeland in North Africa. A family disgrace forces Paul deVries to seek redemption in the French military. Ten years will pass before they come face-to-face again. Now Moussa has become a desert warrior, while Paul leads an ill-fated French force deep into the Sahara. Against a breathtaking landscape of blazing sands and ancient mysteries, these two men face a struggle that will shatter lives across two continents. An epic novel of adventure, passion and treachery, David Ball takes us on a thrilling, unforgettable journey from the streets of conflict-stricken Paris to the ever-shifting sands of the Sahara. Empires of Sand is perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow, Giles Kristian and Bernard Cornwell
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Forlag: Canelo Adventure
Udgivet: 2019-04-15
ISBN: 9781788634991

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