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Anne Kingsmill was born in April 1661 (an exact date is not known) in Sydmonton, Hampshire.

Throughout her life Anne was involved in several Court cases that dragged on for years. These involved both a share of her parents estate for her education and later her and her husband’s share of an inheritance.

In 1682, Anne became a maid of honour to Mary of Modena (wife of James, Duke of York, later King James II) at St James’s Palace.

Anne's interest in poetry began at the palace, and she started writing her own verse. The Court however was no place for a woman to display any poetic efforts. Woman were not considered suitable for such literary pursuits.

At court, Anne met Colonel Heneage Finch. A courtier as well as a soldier. The couple married on 15th May 1684.
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Forlag: Stage Door
Udgivet: 2018-11-01
ISBN: 9781787802797

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