How to Get the Most Out of Life - Kerstin Hack

How to Get the Most Out of Life

How to Get the Most Out of Life

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If you can be happy today, do not wait until tomorrow. —Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi "My life is actually going well but somehow my joy in life is gone" If this is something that you sometimes think or say, then this is the book for you. It explains which attitudes and actions lead to joy. It provides inspiration for rediscovering happiness again. You will also discover practical ways you can make room for more joy in your life. The questions and action ideas help you not to get stuck in theory but put into practice what you have read. The book inspires and accompanies you in your learning process with four stimuli per day: a concise quote, a stimulating food for thought, a provocative question and a practical action. It's ideal for those who want to feel more joy in their lives.
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Forlag: Down to Earth
Udgivet: 2019-03-18
ISBN: 9783862705108

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