The Naughty Katie Years: An Erotic Lesbian Romance - Five Box Set (The Ellis Chronicles) - T.E. Robbens

The Naughty Katie Years: An Erotic Lesbian Romance - Five Box Set (The Ellis Chronicles)

The Naughty Katie Years: An Erotic Lesbian Romance - Five Box Set (The Ellis Chronicles)

3,87 15 5 Forfatter: T.E. Robbens Oplæser: Ashlynn Brooks
The Naughty Katie Years by T.E. Robbens is an erotic lesbian romance 5 book series that’s going to light your senses on fire. It started out innocent, a friendship between Katie and Ellis that transformed into an intense passionate erotic connection much deeper than either bargained for.

Wonderful and true, Robbens takes you through the trials and tribulations inevitable for any deep relationship.

Guided into the unknown instinctively, resistance wearing thin. Something Katie and Ellis had to figure out their way.

Can a connection be so perfect it’s ultimately impossible?

Book 1– Naughty Dreams– An unexpected passionate heat develops between Katie and Ellis. Confusing but undeniable, where naughty dreams come to light, leaving you hot and bothered, yearning for the pace to pick up.

Book 2– First Passion– Here is where the forbidden attraction between Ellis and Katie turns into reality. Robbens does a fabulous job creating characters that are detailed, intriguing, and realistic. The sex scenes between Ellis and Katie are dripping hot, seductive and sensual, triggering your senses to tune in and want more.

Book 3– Love Trials– Robbens does an expert job further developing the alluring and seductive characters Ellis and Katie. Happy to focus on getting their own apartment and finally live like a loving couple. However life always seems to throw a curveball putting a wrench in their plans.

Book 4– Naughty Moves– Another steamy hot romance that’s going to stimulate your every sense, taking your mind into the land of forbidden where all naughty dreams ring true. Once again the very familiar characters Ellis and Katie continue to prove their love and immense hot sexual connection throbs stronger with every page you turn.

Book 5– Naughty Lies– Another masterfully written erotica that twists and turns without rhythm. In this book Katie was stalling moving in with Ellis, which is odd because they’ve been trying forever. Turns out there’s a third wheel reason for this!
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Erotik Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-02-20
Længde: 3T 13M
ISBN: 9781982742904

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