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Cooks & Kids 3

Cooks & Kids 3

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Cooks & Kids 3 is a cookbook with a difference, featuring recipes by kids for kids, edited by MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace. It sees children teaming up with top chefs to re-create their favourite recipes. Chefs include Tom Kerridge, Michel Roux Jr., Aldo Zilli, Cyrus Todiwala, Hannah Miles, Ping Coombes, Simon Wood and even appearances from previous Celebrity MasterChef contestants Wayne Sleep and Sophie Thompson. Sections include: Fish Meat Vegetarian Quick Meals & Sides Pasta Desserts Sweet Treats Includes recipes for: Teriyaki Salmon, Cheesy Burger Bird Nests, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Aloo Paratha, Handmade Tagliatelle, Banoffee Pie and Ginger and Lime Cake. The brainchild of the National Fostering Agency Group, Cooks & Kids 3 is a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen and teach them about cooking and healthy eating while at the same time making cooking fun. With easy-to-follow recipes, full instructions and photographs to help you on your way. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to children's charity Place2Be.
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Udgivet: 2016-11-21
ISBN: 9781912050536

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