The Cutting of an Agate - W.B. Yeats

The Cutting of an Agate

The Cutting of an Agate

0 0 5 Forfatter: W.B. Yeats
When I wrote the essay on Edmund Spenser the company of Irish players who have now their stage at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin had been founded, but gave as yet few performances in a twelvemonth. I could let my thought stray where it would, and even give a couple of summers to The Faerie Queene; while for some ten years now I have written little verse and no prose that did not arise out of some need of those players or some thought suggested by their work, or was written in the defence of some friend whose life has been a part of the movement of events which is creating a new Ireland unintelligible to an old Ireland that watches with anger or indifference.
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Forlag: Interactive Media
Udgivet: 2019-02-05
ISBN: 9781787360143

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