Tea-Table Talk - Jerome K. Jerome

Tea-Table Talk

Tea-Table Talk

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Who would be a chaperone?
He would fling himself on his knees before her, never noticing the dog

I left them at it

He went with her and made himself ridiculous at the dressmaker's

Why should we seek to explain away all the beautiful things of life?

Are we so sure that art does elevate?

The artist knew precisely the sort of girl that ought to be there

A man's work 'tis till set of sun, but a woman's work is never done!

Does the lady out shopping ever fall in love with the waiter at the bun-shop?

Woman has been appointed by Nature the trustee of the children

Comparing himself the while with Molière reading to his cook

The singer may be a heavy, fleshy man with a taste for beer

It is the fool who imagines her inhuman

It seized a natural human passion and turned it to good uses
She suggested that poets and novelists should take service for a year in any large drapery or millinery establishment
Who is it succeeds in escaping the law of the hive?
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Forlag: anboco
Udgivet: 2016-08-30
ISBN: 9783736412095

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