The Hermetic Museum, Volume 1 - Arthur Edward Waite

The Hermetic Museum, Volume 1

The Hermetic Museum, Volume 1

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The Hermetic Museum was published in Latin at Frankfort, in the year 1678, and, as its title implies, it was an enlarged form of an anterior work which, appearing in 1625, is more scarce, but, intrinsically, of less value. Its design was apparently to supply in a compact form a representative collection of the more brief and less ancient alchemical writers; in this respect, it may be regarded as a supplement to those large storehouses of Hermetic learning such as the Theatrum Chemicum, and that scarcely less colossal of Mangetus, the Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa, which are largely concerned with the cream of the archaic literature, with the works of Geber and the adepts of the school of Arabia, with the writings attributed to Hermes, with those of Raymond Lully, Arnold de Villa Nova, Bernard Trevisan, and others. This is volume 1 out of 2. Contents: Preface To The English Edition. The Preface Of The Original Edition. The Golden Tract The Golden Age Restored: The Sophic Hydrolith A Brief Exposition Of The Wonderful Water Stone Of The Wise, Commonly Called The Philosopher's Stone. A Demonstration Of Nature, A Short Tract, Or Philosophical Summary The Only True Way; The Glory Of The World; The Third Part Of This Treatise, Containing The Dicta Of The Sages. Another Tract,Corresponding To The First, Which May Be Read With Great Profit. A Tract Of Great Price Concerning The Philosophical Stone. The True Teaching Of Philosophy Concerning The Generation Of Metals And Their True Origin. A Very Brief Tract Concerning The Philosophical Stone. The Book Of Alze. The Book Of Lambspring, The Golden Tripod (First Tract)
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Forlag: Jazzybee Verlag
Udgivet: 2012-12-13
ISBN: 9783849605322

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