The Antiquary - Sir Walter Scott

The Antiquary

The Antiquary

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"The Antiquary" is an intimate picture of Scotch neighborhood life in its varied phases, from the fisherman's hut to the nobleman's castle, at the close of the eighteenth century. The popular tumult over the threatened French invasion, following upon the Revolution in that country, is the only hint of historical connection. Jonathan Oldbuck, a gentleman past middle life and of pronounced antiquarian tastes, takes a great liking to a young man known as Lovel, whom he meets on a short journey. Lovel is an army officer, but both his actions and his antecedents are somewhat of a mystery to the curious villagers of Fairport, a seaport town, near Oldbuck's country estate. Oldbuck, however, recognizes him to be a gentleman, and invites him to dinner, where he is presented to Sir Arthur Wardour and his daughter, Isabella. The two young people greet as strangers, although they have met before. In fact, Lovel is then in Fairport to urge his suit for the young lady's hand, but a cloud upon his parentage renders him unsuccessful ...
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Forlag: Jazzybee Verlag
Udgivet: 2014-07-14
ISBN: 9783849645199

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