Lowney's Cook Book - Maria Willett Howard

Lowney's Cook Book

Lowney's Cook Book

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We present this cook book with confidence that it brings up to date the modern possibilities of the table. It is prepared by a woman who has devoted her life to scientific and artistic cooking, and who has recently been honored by appointment to full charge of the culinary department of one of the most advanced colleges for self-supporting women in the country. She speaks with knowledge and authority. We hope the book will contribute something to the fine art of living in many homes, making those homes the happier and more attractive for the husband and children, and solving many a problem for brides and beginners. Thousands of our most valued customers cannot afford to prepare many of these dishes very often for their tables. But there are special occasions when we all feel that we can have the best for ourselves and our guests. This book will stand the strain of such occasions. There are hundreds of simple dishes here for all tastes, suitable for all pocket-books. With this book as a guide, it will be possible for any woman to live within her means and still have that infinite variety on the table which means so much for appetite and health, which we all wish for and which we wish for you all. THE WALTER M. LOWNEY CO. Boston.
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Forlag: anboco
Udgivet: 2016-09-28
ISBN: 9783736416024

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