The Abbot - Sir Walter Scott

The Abbot

The Abbot

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Although a stated sequel to "The Monastery," "The Abbot" deals with a wider field and more exalted personages than its predecessor. A few of the old characters are continued, but interest in the deeds of any '' abbot'' or his monks gives way to the troubled chronicle of Queen Mary of Scotland, from the time of her imprisonment at Lochleven Castle, to her flight into England after the Battle of Langside.

Nearly ten years have passed since the union of Halbert Glendinning and Mary of Avenel—years in which the Protestant soldier proves his worth to the Earl of Murray, now Regent of Scotland, and is knighted and given increasing responsibilities. But the life of Sir Halbert and his lady, otherwise serene, has a cloud in the fact that no children have been born to them. The lonely lady is attracted to a child whom her dog saves from drowning, and she takes him into her household as page, with the further design of adopting him. The lad, Roland Graeme by name, becomes spoiled and overbearing through petting, and thus incurs the dislike of the household, among them the stern old chaplain, Henry Warden. Roland finally attempts to stab Adam Woodcock, the falconer, and is sent away in disgrace to seek his own fortunes ...
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Forlag: Jazzybee Verlag
Udgivet: 2014-07-21
ISBN: 9783849645274

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