Tales, Sketches And Other Papers - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Tales, Sketches And Other Papers

Tales, Sketches And Other Papers

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This compilation offers Hawthorne's tales, sketches and other papers that were not included in any other publication. The first group of short pieces embraced in this volume belongs to Hawthorne s earlier period; excepting " Browne s Folly," which was addressed to the author's cousin, Mr. Richard Manning, of Salem, after the return from Europe. The "Biographical Sketches," that follow next in the order of contents, appear here as the result of a gleaning from old magazines, which was made after Hawthorne s death.


Tales and Sketches

Sketches From Memory
Fragments From The Journal Of A Solitary Man
My Visit to Niagara
The Antique Ring
The Legend.
Graves and Goblins
Dr. Bullivant
A Book Of Autographs
An Old Woman's Tale
Time's Portraiture
Browne's Folly

Biographical Stories

Benjamin West
Sir Isaac Newton.
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Oliver Cromwell
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Queen Christina

Biographical Studies

Mrs. Hutchinson.
Sir William Phips.
Sir William Pepperell.
Thomas Green Fessenden.
Jonathan Cilley.

Alice Doane's Appeal
Chiefly About War Matters
The Life of Franklin Pierce
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ISBN: 9783849641023

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