The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge - Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge

The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge

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The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge is one of the fifty-six Sherlock Holmes short stories written by British author Arthur Conan Doyle. One of eight stories in the volume His Last Bow, it is a lengthy, two-part story consisting of "The Singular Experience of Mr. John Scott Eccles" and "The Tiger of San Pedro", which on original publication in The Strand bore the collective title of "A Reminiscence of Mr. Sherlock Holmes". Out of the entire collection of Holmes stories by Doyle, this is the only story in which a police inspector (specifically, Inspector Baynes) is as competent as Holmes. Holmes has nothing but praise for Inspector Baynes, believing that he will rise high in his profession, for he has instinct and intuition. Inspector Lestrade rarely received this kind of appreciation from Holmes. It comes out that Baynes had only arrested the cook to draw out Henderson so he would think he was no longer under suspicion. San Pedro is a fictitious country; its colors are green and white, explaining one part of the cryptic note. The Adventure is said to take place in 1892, but this year was a part of "The Great Hiatus," and Holmes's reference to a colonel whom he has arrested makes it more likely that the year is 1894.
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Forlag: Sheba Blake Publishing
Udgivet: 2017-05-02
ISBN: 9783961895984

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