At the bottom of the energy ladder - Peter Kuria

At the bottom of the energy ladder

At the bottom of the energy ladder

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An ancient practice promises to resolve key biomass energy problems of the future. Overwhelmingly, humans continue to use biomass feedstock as the basic form of fuel. This has impacts on the environment, economic, human productivity, health and the general well being of the global society. This publication investigates the impacts of the traditional use of biomass as a source of energy, on environmental services and the foundation for food security. It also reviews the role of Terra preta in resolving critical problems associated with biomass as a fuel source, plus stove technologies and approaches that are being used to improve the efficient use of biomass. The options for broadening the application of the stove by-products (biochar) as well as expanding the biomass base are also profiled. The book further argues that the North should continue to focus on reducing their emissions, while the global South takes advantage of the emerging stove technologies linking this to Terra preta practice to promote the efficient use of biomass, improving agricultural productivity (food security) and repair of the general ecosystems. In addition, the publication expands on the questions that remain unanswered or unresolved and proposes alternatives that will guarantee a sustainable future. The profits from this publication go towards promoting the development of clean stoves, distribution and promotion.
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Forlag: Into Kustannus
Udgivet: 2011-11-01
ISBN: 9789522641113

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