Earth 5.0 - Karl-Heinz Land

Earth 5.0

Earth 5.0

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Hunger and poverty, climate change and energy waste, inequality and injustice, resource depletion and mismanagement: In his new book "Earth 5.0 - Provoke the Future" Karl-Heinz Land shows how the world's urgent problems can be solved with the help of digital technologies. Land now has the opportunity to exploit the exponential increase in IT performance and the underestimated megatrend of dematerialization for a future-proof and fairer world.
From this perspective, the country is subjecting the development goals of the United Nations (UN) to a critical review, pointing the way wrong and calling for a radical rethink. He presents innovative solutions for the "Sustainable Development Goals", which are already being tested and implemented by digital pioneers. In the second part of the book, Land explains how society and capitalism must change for the digital future. The author is convinced that digitalization will shape all areas of life and that any long-term expectation of employment and economic growth will lead ad absurdum.
Land argues for competence-based education and for an unconditional basic income. In addition, he considers a reorientation of the economic system to be necessary, away from profit maximization and shareholder value towards a meaningful economy, away from consumerism and towards a circular economy that conserves resources.
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Forlag: futurevisionpress e.K.
Udgivet: 2018-12-03
ISBN: 9783981726862

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