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Green Cosmetics

Green Cosmetics

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The skin loves green Green Cosmetics are biological alternatives to deodorants containing aluminum, skin creams containing polyethylene glycol, and products tested on animals. Shampoos grow on trees; meadow flowers give us toothpaste, and sunscreen sprouts in the garden. Everything is 100 percent natural, conjured up quickly and so pure it can be tasted. It's a healthy makeover from nature - like biting into a fresh apple! Cosmetics from nature " 130 complete recipes; many vegan " creams, ointments, skin smoothies, deodorants, shampoos, dental care, depilation, sun protection, baby care, and much more " suitable for all skin types and for all the family " readily available food-quality ingredients " quick and easy to prepare in the kitchen " step-by-step instructions
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Forlag: Freya
Udgivet: 2015-02-17
ISBN: 9783990251997

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