The Life of Friedrich Nietzsche - Daniel Halevy

The Life of Friedrich Nietzsche

The Life of Friedrich Nietzsche

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Karl-Ludwig Nietzsche, a young clergyman of the Lutheran Church, came of an ecclesiastical family. His father and his grandfather had taught theology. His wife was the daughter and the granddaughter of clergy-men. Ignoring modern thought and all the agitations and desires of his time, he followed the safe path of the double tradition, which had at once been revealed by God to the faithful and indicated by Princes to their subjects. His superiors thought highly of him. Frederick William Iv., King of Prussia, condescended to take him under his wing, and he might have hoped for a fine career had he not suffered from headaches and nerves. As it was, rest became essential.
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Forlag: Jovian Press
Udgivet: 2017-12-20
ISBN: 9781537813813

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