Dealings with the Inquisition (Serapis Classics) - Giacinto Achili

Dealings with the Inquisition (Serapis Classics)

Dealings with the Inquisition (Serapis Classics)

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It was in the month of July, 1842, that I was released, by order of Pope Gregory, from my first imprisonment in the dungeons of the Inquisition. On this occasion, one of the Dominican monks who serve the office of Inquisitor, inquired of me, with a malicious look, whether I, also, intended, one day, to write an account of the Inquisition, as a well-known author had done before me, with respect to Spielberg, in his celebrated work, "Le mie prigioni." Perceiving at once the object of this deceitful interrogation, which was only to afford a pretext for renewing my incarceration, at the very moment when liberty was before me, I smiled at my interlocutor...
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Forlag: Serapis Classics
Udgivet: 2017-10-07
ISBN: 9783962558697

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