Stoke and I: The Nineties - Neil James

Stoke and I: The Nineties

Stoke and I: The Nineties

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Stoke and I: The Nineties charts the fortunes of Stoke City Football Club through the decade that spawned Britpop, Euro 96 and Cool Britannia. Key moments such as the title-winning season of 1992/93, the Autoglass Trophy victory and the emotional farewell to the Victoria Ground are recounted through the eyes of a fan growing up in the last decade before football changed beyond recognition. Memories of players and matches, from the great to the awful, sit alongside hilarious tales of playground Potteries derbies, embarrassing school football trials and the author's attempts to become pen pals with Jon Dreyer. Featuring selected highlights from Neil James's popular 'Trouserdog' column in The Oatcake fanzine, plus a wealth of new material and new insights from key figures such as Lou Macari, Mike Sheron and Peter Coates, Stoke and I: The Nineties is a personal take on a fascinating period in the history of England's second-oldest league club.
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Forlag: Pitch Publishing
Udgivet: 2018-09-24
ISBN: 9781785314728

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