Neuroplasticity - Melody MyDowel



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This e-book covers everything you wanted to know about neuroplasticy. All the new data that is available, all the new research covering the theme of brain plasticity. The book starts with general anatomy and physiology needed to understand the information in the book. The next chapter is about history and you would be surprised to see that therm neuroplasticity is not new! What is new is the research being more widespread. Book also contains information about brain damage, mental health and addictions. There are really interesting findings in the fields of learning and memory, those are the biggest chapters! Also if you want to know more about habits that influence central nervous system - both bad and good things, there is all the new data in it. Book includes interesting facts that will convince you to take a better care about your brain. It is never too late to start working in yourself and improving yourself.
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Forlag: Payhip
Udgivet: 2013-11-16
ISBN: 9783955775933

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